At BEE Affidavit we can provide you with EME affidavits you can trust in 3 easy steps with our EME Affidavit Generator.

Need an Affidavit to confirm annual turnover and black ownership status? Our system will provide you with a professionally designed B-BBEE Affidavit custom made to show your B-BBEE Status.

The Revised BEE Codes allows you to confirm your business’ BEE status with an EME affidavit if your turnover is less than R10 million. You will be assigned an automatic B-BBEE status based on information you supply about your business – this can place you at risk of inadvertently misrepresenting your B-BBEE status. Be sure of your B-BBEE status with the BEE Affadavit Generator preview


BEE Affidavits


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Our process limits the risk of inadvertent misrepresentation of your BEE status by attesting to certain terms with which you may not be familiar, for example Designated Group status, Empowering Supplier status etc. At the end of this easy process you will then be able to download and print your Affidavit, which must then be signed by a Commissioner of Oaths. Please note that the Revised Codes are currently only applicable to businesses that are not governed by a particular sector code such as the Construction Sector Code, Tourism Sector Code etc. Once those sector codes are aligned (expected date 31 April 2015) to the Revised Codes the BEE Affidavit Generator’’s functionality will be extended to include those sector Codes.

The Revised Codes is currently in a transition phase and becomes binding on all businesses not governed by a sectoral code on 1 May 2015.
Although the Revised Codes expressly allows businesses to opt into it during the transition phase, the entire market - private, parastatal and government departments - might not readily accept these affidavits until 1 May 2015.

This is notwithstanding the fact that accredited Verification Agencies have been instructed by the Dti to accept these affidavits as proof of evidence for procurement purposes. Therefore, be sure to check with the intended recipient of the affidavit (your client or the tender board you are tendering with) - whether they accept affidavits in terms of the Revised Codes - prior to continuing with this process.

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